Our goal is to create a unique marzipan dessert specialties. Manufactory operated as a family business, our products are available in the confectionery sector best quality ingredients.They are hand made.
It is just that for generations formed the pursuit of high quality and the manual production experience makes our products unique and competitive in the domestic and international market.
Every year, more and more international appearance especially proud of Europe's grand tradition of confectionery states.
Our main line of the broad public to meet the needs of high-quality, which includes the gourmet excitement and variety of traditional flavors and taste lovers worldwide camp which is also wide and ever-expanding product range allows creativity.
Our family started this indusrty in 1963.At this time our company were doing confectionery production and trading. With more generation our companies product range was developing.
In 2003, we specialized in the production of marzipan desserts made by hand.At this time our company formed the imagine what you can see today. They made so many marzipan flavors: potatoes, cinnamon and cocoa flavors.This year, another we debut with 10 more flavors what are very famous even today.
These include the Belgian chocolate hazelnut, walnut, pine strawberry, blueberry, orange, marzipan Straciatella. In view of the great success and feedback and inspiration from our customers more products were created.
Because of the high alcohol dessert market interest in the next step we used world- famous wines and schnapps as raw materials to create the next generation of desserts.
In 2008 we used the palinka with home made Peach and Plums.White and Red wine what were a really unique hungaricum.(Home made Paninka with peach, Plum palinka,Wine from Villány,Tokaji Aszu)
2009 when they were new and extremely unique combination flavors we tried to gain a new customer base, it has since then been a popular Lime - Coconut Pistachio Plum, cherry, poppy seed.
2010th This year we started the production of seasonal marzipans products Apple Cinnamon, Chestnut, Black Forest.
2012 of the children in mind we created the Bubble Gum, Raspberry, and chestnut-flavored Belgian chocolate heart-shaped marzipan.

Budapest, Hungary

Királyi Marcipán desszert Kft.